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14 Sep Do you know which series of commonly used switches are available?
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Switch means a switch is a network device used for electrical (optical) signal forwarding. The most common switch is an Ethernet switch. Other common ones include telephone voice switches, optical fiber switches, and so on.Can you know what brand of switch it is from a specific model? I think the answer should be part of it. After all, it is unlike..
10 Sep The difference between flash, Rom, RAM, nvram in Cisco switches
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Flash memory, also called flash memory, is a type of memory commonly used in routers. It is a readable and writable memory that can save data even after the system is restarted or shut down. The IOS (Router Operating System) currently in use is stored in the Flash.The function of read-only memory (ROM) in Cisco routers is similar to that of ROM in ..
10 Sep How to choose a suitable switch? How to calculate the hardware parameters?
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In daily work, everyone often encounters the problem of switch selection and camera matching, so how to choose a suitable switch? So that the transmission network is not stuck? Presumably everyone has encountered this problem. The following Xiaoao will give a brief introduction on the selection of switches and the calculation of hardware parameters..
10 Sep What are the first-tier switches, the second-tier switches, and the third-tier switches?
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general speaking:The first-level switch only supports the physical layer protocol (the telephone program-controlled switch can be counted as one???)Layer 2 switches support physical layer and data link layer protocols, such as Ethernet switchesThree-layer switch supports physical layer, data link layer and network layer protocols, such as some swit..
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